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Swa-Karuna Therapy.

In Sanskrit Karuna means compassion and Swa means Self. The  Swa-Karuna therapy is a process in which  self-compassion opens the door to healing.


Until we learn compassion, we don't love ourselves. Not loving yourself is the cause of all of our spiritual / emotional / mental / physical wounds.


When we don't love ourselves, we feel disconnected from our Source, which is Love itself. Once we realize the source within us, acknowledge our hurts, and accept responsibility for our lives, awakening compassion for ourselves is the next essential step in our healing and well-being. .


When your inner being calls for compassion.

When something happens and we feel strong negative emotions, there is often an old childhood hurt that has kicked in. A door to the subconscious opens and stands ready for us to come in and BE with ourselves to heal the wound.


Our conditioning often tells us to ignore the door and somehow distract ourselves by looking for an addictive substance or behavior.


However, when the pain gets so great, we become  ready to do whatever it takes to heal and find our way to wellness.


All of our wounds come from a false belief that we are separated from our Source. Ultimately, it is Source that does ALL the healing. Therefore, the first step in any effective healing practice is to align ourselves with It.


For permanent healing, we must become aware of our hurt and be willing to bring love to this vulnerable part of ourselves, starting with self-compassion.


What does Swa-Karuna therapy look like?

It is an invitation to be fully with yourself, in a deeply conscious, non-judgmental way as a faithful and trustworthy friend.

It is a willingness to be with yourself as a companion to your own pain.   This compassion for ourselves is a sweetness that flows more and more within you and permeates your emotional / energetic wound, acceptance, unconditional love and intimate understanding.


No one in the world knows your feelings and your hurts as well as you do. You know all the intricacies and the tendrils, very closely. For this reason, you are the most qualified person to bring love to this part of yourself. The point of therapy is simply to show you how.


Self-compassion is seeing your most tender wounds without judgment. Being compassionate to yourself is wanting to see / feel the reality of your pain without covering it up or trying to "fix" it.


Once this level of self-esteem occurs, a door opens to release the pain.  


The power of compassion allows us to see ourselves as Source sees us. Compassion is a divine quality and when we tap into it we have access to the highest field of healing and well-being. We intimately experience Source's unconditional love for us. We are totally loved, in every cell of our being.


Why do we need self-compassion?

Until we consciously take care of our own healing and well-being, wounds or energetic constrictions that arise from a feeling of being separated from Love remain in our energy field.


Others can love us and be compassionate towards us of course that helps. It helps us learn to open up and receive.


However, the compassion that enables true healing and true transformation comes from within us. At the heart of every wound is a thought / belief that we are separated from The Source  of Love - a fear that we are unworthy of love. It is a belief that we have accepted about ourselves.


And you are the only one who can release this belief for yourself by experiencing the absolute truth of your Love. This is what self-compassion allows.


Although others may tell us that we are good, beautiful, smart, etc., and that it feels good, the hurt part of our psyche will always hold beliefs that we are not good, beautiful, or beautiful "enough" until. 'until we hear it OURSELVES.


Not all affirmations in the world will work until we defeat the core belief of being separated from love with the experience of the truth that we are loved infinitely.


Until we heal the CAUSE of the hurt (the belief of being separated from the source, from love) with the truth (that we have never been separated from the source and are totally worthy of love, including ours), it remains in our energy field and continues to draw the same painful scenarios in our experience.

As we do ourselves and prioritize healing, we begin to see WHY we did or said things that we are not proud of. We see that our reactions to situations are not because we are "bad". We see that we reacted because we were in pain and we didn't think we had any other options. This realization itself opens the door to compassion and well-being.


Aum Shanti.  


La Thérapie Swa-Karuna

( Mindfulness Self-Compassion)

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