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Concert Ö Bhakti
from 11 December 2021

Price 20 € / person 

Reservation required by SMS 0698234894 

Please consider (optional) to bring an offering of vegetarian food or fruit. This food will be blessed during the songs and shared with everyone at the end of Bajhan as is the tradition in India.

  Looking forward to sharing with you 

Land of Awakening
520 Rte des Aspres, 06370 Mouans-Sartoux

This album contains very beautiful songs dedicated to Lord Krishna,  


The Bandh CD is dedicated to all women, it is a tribute to their creative power, their patience, their endurance, their strength, their beauty, their compassion. 

The text was composed by Guru Nanak,  (15th century Indian mystic and poet) in homage to the receptacle of humanity that is woman.

Guru Nanak promised that every woman who sang this song every day 12 times will have an energy shield around her that will protect her from all aggression, disrespect and that everyone who approaches her will feel reverence towards her.

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