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For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about people.

After obtaining a state diploma as a childcare assistant with a degree in psychology, 7 years of personal development, I flew to India.

My whole being felt called to make this journey.

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After crossing the length and breadth of India, visiting mainly sacred places dedicated to spiritual development, I went to Kerala where I met Amma.

Very quickly I felt immense love for Her and decided to stay by her side with the aspiration of in turn radiating this unconditional love that She perpetually embodies.

I lived with Amma for 12 years and what I learned above all was

“Loving unconditionally starts with yourself...I was in the right place.

Parallèlement à ce cheminement, Amma m’a indiqué de me concentrer sur le développement de la voix pour le chant sacré, le chant de dévotion.

J’ai donc étudié avec de nombreux maitres de la voix et en particulier approfondi le Yoga de la Voix  avec Clare Fanning et le Yoga du Son selon l’enseignement de Vemu Mukunda à partir du Sangeeta Ratnakara (compilation de la sagesse indienne sur le son depuis de 13ème siècle).

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Then life led me to teach in several countries in the form of several-day internships or private lessons.
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In 2010, I discovered a very pragmatic approach to spirituality as I had experienced it with Amma, this approach is called Non-Violent Communication and its founder is Marshall Rosenberg. I see in this process a practical aid to acceptance without judgment of what Is. This process immediately fascinated me, I trained without delay, and followed all the modules which took place on weekends in France and then, numerous IITs (Intensive International Training) and 10-day conventions in India. Finally I decided to embark on certification to be able to teach.

However, my meeting with Robert Gonzales during an IIT made me understand that what I aspire to most is to accompany people in this healing process whose basis is Compassion. Compassion for oneself and naturally for others and also the ability to be in the present, to welcome them as they are, another impulse of compassion.

The sacred fire of life, Auroville

In 2012 I decided to live in Auroville in order to deepen the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa.

This period of my life appeared to me as a relevant passage between my ashram life with Amma and my return to France in February 2020 .

Back in France, I am committed until January 2024 to a 3-year training course to support human beings with NVC as the main process.

Today my contribution is multiple and wants to be more and more holistic.

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