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Sable blanc et pierre

Trouver sa propre fréquence fondamentale

In group practices we use the frequency of G or Sol in our navel, because according to the Yoga of Sound scriptures the fundamental frequency of the Cosmos would be G. But you as an individual might have another frequency. in your navel. Maybe A, F, B etc....
This Nada Brahma Yoga system is individual. He asserts that every human being incarnates with a specific frequency that constantly vibrates in his navel.
Once you have found your personal frequency, Nada Yoga practices will be much more effective and powerful. The aim of the practice is to bring the Prana precisely into the respective energy centers.

So emotions, such as peace, joy, bliss, devotion etc. will be felt more deeply

Once we have found your navel frequency, it becomes easy to determine those of the other energy centers.

How to find this fundamental frequency?

This requires a private appointment of approximately 1.5 or 2 hours.
At least one hour before the appointment you are invited, not to drink coffee or tea, and to be in a quiet environment, without talking or listening to music or people etc.
During the appointment, we will help you reach a level of deep relaxation, when this is achieved, we will record your voice and determine the resulting frequency.
After that, some personal questions will be asked about your personality, affinities...


If you know your root note, you can download the audio that corresponds to it.

If you want to know more about your fundamental note contact me.

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