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Mère et bébé
Bébé heureux

At workshop Baby Massage



At your home

I will come to your home with a baby doll that will serve as a model to show the actions you will perform on your baby, organic massage oil, relaxing music and a small booklet with the steps to follow that will be given to you.

Merci de préparer un espace calme et bien chauffé , un serviette et lange imperméable pour le rituel du massage

Baby Massage



At your home

I massage your baby while you relax, you deserve it.

Support for

Heart of Self



At your home

Why support?

Pour faire le point sur une situation qui vous préoccupe

Receive sympathetic listening

Consider taking a new direction in your life

Explore the possibility of reconnecting with a loved one

Guide you with respect and attention towards a natural wisdom that comes from the heart,

Follow you on your journey to contact your resources

Expand your freedom of choice and regain more power of action in your life.

 Massage Parent



A votre domicile

I come to your home with my heated massage table and a relaxing organic massage oil.


Baby + Parent



At your home

Un temps de massage individuel pour un

moment de bien-être profond partagé.

Votre bebe est massé en premier car souvent il est très détendu après , il est  donc plus aisé de prendre un temps pour vous ensuite.

Appointment ?

You will be contacted in less than 48 hours after your payment to set up an appointment together.
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