Hamsini studied Vocal Yoga VY® in Auroville directly with its founder, Clare Fanning. Clare, born in New York City, integrated her varied life-work experience, vocal knowledge and yoga practice into Vocal Yoga VY®, a system that supports the development of the voice. 


Vocal Yoga VY® is a integrated method that helps us discover our vocal instrument, identify the parts of the body that are most involved in producing sound, and learn how to use them to improve and perfect our singing and voice. As any musician should know his musical instrument in order to play it correctly, the singer must know his or her instrument.


Yoga means “union” or “connected”. With Vocal Yoga, it is important to know our instrument not only with the intellect, but to really create a conscious relationship with the parts of the body that serve the voice, many of which are unconscious for most of the people.


It is often the parts of our body that are less conscious that will become home to the emotions we do not want to see. So bringing our consciousness to these parts of our body can help to release tensions, blocked emotions and above all to develop a caring attitude, simply by acknowledging their existence and recognizing them as integral part of ourselves.


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About Clare Fanning:

With over 20 years in India, she comes from distinct schools of practice for the body, mind and voice, and has practiced the Sri Aurobindon ‘Integral Yoga’ since 1970. Clare underwent rigorous vocal studies in Nice, France, under the Maestro of Bel Canto Kurt Wronke-Marion. The Maestro appointed Clare his first teacher of the Bel Canto Technique after 40 years of practice. He insisted that she teach, telling her she was his first singer that he ever asked to pass on this knowledge.


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